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Opening Words

Welcome ! I hope you enjoy browsing through my web site. Most of the points raised below will be familiar to, and understood by, most of us. They aim to be what you might call "Common Sense" and indeed, will be relevant to many web sites. However, I think I am being curteous to you, my visitor, if I try my hardest to nip any slightest possible misunderstandings - especially in the legal, safety and copyright domains - in the bud, before we have even the least hint of a situation that could potentially blossom out of control. It is of course always nice to keep life simple and amenable!

In advance, Many Thanks!


The aim of my web site is to share my experiences - in picture and text - with you, the visitor. Unless overtly based entirely on my personal and individual experiences, my web pages are also designed to support the aims of the clubs and societies to which these web pages make reference, either pictorially or textually, in the headers and subsequent content of the relevant web pages.


It's nice to get some basic things seen to first of all. Updates and validity, coming to this page and searching for topics are all considerations which I hope you can allow me to broach at this juncture! In advance, Many Thanks!


Technical issues that could impinge on your enjoyment of these pages, include date format, date and time used, navigation and browser tabs (browser windows), internet connection speed, and web page loading time and required space, need for manual page refresh, the version of your browser, your machine operating environment, the screen resolution and the screen colours of your PC or tablet which you are using to view my pages, zooming and, nowadays, with modern browsers, sound clips and video clips. Yet more considerations are: formatting of web pages on external sites, a second way of reaching my site and access via Google®. I have tried to suggest in this section possible remedies available to you, should you need to take cognizance of any of the above - and other - operational issues.


Disclaimers, such as you see below, are common to most web sites. These issues include content, web safety, links to external web sites, tracking cookies, language aspects, legal domain and local social customs, and technical and artistic aspects. In addition, the vast majority of pictures on the web site - whether digital photographs or clip art - are created by me; in this context I am happy to enjoy the creative (such as it might be) freedom of an amateur.


Legal issues are always best appproached, in the first instance, on a common sense basis. It is invariably nicer, easier and more convenient for everyone if we can keep matters at that level! Copyright, as I have tried to explain below, covers two aspects: (1) my material, which forms the bulk of what you see on this web site, and (2) material which comes from other individuals or parties. There are also the associated issues of registered trademarks and potential commercial use.


Contact: You can contact me using "". However, please note that for security reasons:

In advance, thank you for your understanding!


I hope that you have found this page useful. It can be referenced from most of the pages on this site, should you wish to refer to it at any time. Please enjoy my web site!